When you need somebody to love, it's no secret that Jefferson Airplane are the bee's knees

Essential is definitely the right word when referring to the genius of Jefferson Airplane. This compilation of irrefutable classics comes at a time when we need to remember that music can be this good. As Jann Wenner himself put it: "The most exciting and successful rock & roll band in the country in the 60's" and an undeniable inspiration to all, from Public Enemy to Hunter Thompson to the purveyors of the new 60's garage rehash sound of late.
Dominating America’s counterculture scene at a very important time in the country’s history, this band pulled their weight equally at The Matrix and Woodstock and Monterey Pop with a stage presence quite unlike anything anyone had seen before. With the majesty of the oh so powerfully voiced Grace Slick, and her harmonies with Paul Kantner and Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen's guitar and the whole beautiful concoction, Jefferson Airplane were responsible for a noise that wowed a nation, nay, a planet, defined a decade and reinvented possibilities both musically and socially.

All the big-hitters are included on this ultimate portrait of a seminal band, 'Somebody To Love' is a there, still resounding, still producing the same spine-chilling exhilaration, still getting you up and shaking. 'White Rabbit' too of course, the unforgettable short, sweet Grace Slick-penned trip through the looking glass and into the realm of psychedelic bliss. It's slightly ironic how those two, the plane's most recognised tracks were both leftovers from Slick's former group.
'It's No Secret' is fantastic as it stabs your memory with pangs of euphonic joy, one of the best feel-good love songs ever written. 'Comin' Back To Me' is featured alongside on disk one, a gorgeous piece that spans a fair running time, Jerry Garcia's guitar appears on the record, which is always a bonus. The two CDs span the breadth of the Jefferson catalogue from the earlier fiery numbers to the advanced and brilliantly crafted later material. Also included are some phenomenal live performances of such greats as 'Plastic Fantastic Lover' and 'Feel So Good.'

'Volunteers' hits you half way through the second disk, revolutionary and raucous and encompassing such energy that shall never be extinguished by the passing of time. From the politically charged, impossible to fault 'Lather' to the sweet and dreamy 'Come Up The Years', the songs of Jefferson Airplane resound in the night with smooth vibes, ethereal nostalgia and an intrinsic quality that shall not devalue with time, this band are that important!

Stop children and dig the sounds of this fly band, repackaged and reissued for a new generation to get into a musical happening that changed the world in it's own small way. The Essential Jefferson Airplane compilation is as pretty as it feels, it's a beauty of an achievement that has quite successfully summed up in thirty-two songs a band were at the forefront of a revolution in music and culture. A great blueprint, a good starter-pack for beginners, it satisfies whilst getting your mouth to water enough to very seriously consider making an investment in the Jefferson discography, from the Airplane to the Starship. A very good summary of a truly masterful musical explosion.