Don't touch my fuzzbox.

It's not altogether clear just who or whom Colour Of Bone are, or even where they reside, however this could well be a clever marketing ploy, or the eccentricities or act of clandestine shyness. What we do see throughout websites attached to Colour Of Bone, is some amazing street art that perhaps gives you a sense of a clash between the classic and the contemporary. This is a good basis to think of when it comes to the music.

The single, Sympathiser starts with thumping drums and grungy-guitar riffs a little like Audioslave, that marries together Grunge and Hard Rock, however this quickly lets up to slightly more melodic riffs for the verse. There is definitely an experimental edge to the production which has the ability to harmonise the vocals through the chorus, giving a fuller sound. This is a hard rocking sound that packs a punch, and also leaves you wondering just what else there is to come from Colour Of Bone. Mysterious but intriguing, the anonymity only helps focus on the music and not preconceived ideas generated by individual visual styles. We await with baited breath.