Victoria Hume Numbers

London based singer-songwriter Victoria Hume has already attracted attention for her writing styles from the likes of Lauren Laverne who described track Sorry as '...really beautiful stuff' and new single Numbers will no doubt keep that spotlight firmly fixed. The track comes from the album Landing which was released at the beginning of this year and a follow up to debut album Limbs and Digits.

Influenced by poets like Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson, Numbers is an ode to breaking free from compulsive behaviour. 'It's about getting trapped in a loop of repetitive actions' Victoria explains, 'Out of an irrational belief that this will prevent or undo disasters: and then about occasional moments of clarity that come when you give up control.'

The melody is minimal and hypnotic and supports the repetitive theme. The vocal track is equally muted and is similar in vocal stylings to Imogen Heap, it's a beautifully simple track with just the right amount of depth to work.