Black Shapes - In The Mourning Light

Yes, the pun in the title is that bad. But, no the music is not. This is the new outfit from ex-members of November Coming Fire and Jairus, both stalwart bands that did their runs up and down the country in rusty buckets masquerading as Ford Transits for a fair while. This is a 7" by the band that I'm sure will be making it's way around those in the know in next to no time, judging by the name drops on the press release and the bands they've already played with already.

It's abrasive stuff - sonically and musically. Clearly the production was meant to reflect the ideals of the band, this is aggressive, but devoid of any beatdown. It's got a distinctly English tinge to it - bands like Pariso have been doing similar stuff for a little while. The occasional Birds in Row style groove is mixed with the kind of sound that November Coming Fire used to possess. Backwashes of feedback, drum gallops and monotone screams are certainly liberally used for good measure.

The best thing about this is the digital version is available by donation directly from Bandcamp - so if you like a bit of drone and noise in your hardcore, I'd suggest you go sort yourself out with a copy.