Catchy and impressive take on Indie Rock/Pop

I Am A Racer is the first single release from the PJP Band featuring a band member from the Plymouth based band, Crazy Arm. Patrick James Pearson's side work is actually a lot different to this band's punk edginess, as instead, he hits big time into the catchy, cheerful and energetic style of indie rock. The first minute or so of the track shows some clear influences from the likes of Interpol, with a strong bass line carrying the song from one melody to the next.

Alongside the catchy guitar melodies, the lyrics are easy to connect to and will be in your head for quite some time after listening. Even during the first listen, it is clear that this is a song that would hit hard in the live arena, with the repetition of "Who Is Your True God?" sure to get crowds singing along, even if they are unfamiliar with the track. The actual vocals themselves are great. Some of the first impressions when listening to I Am A Racer is the feeling that Patrick James Pearson has just got that 'it factor' as a vocalist. The different emotions on show throughout the track keep you constantly engaged, which just makes it such a good track. The important thing from here now is what's coming next. I Am A Racer serves as a great preview for the PJP Band's incoming album release. If that album is full of catchy tunes like this, it could be a big hit.