Melodic rock

Cardiff based indie/punk-rock trio Bedford Falls have some great, catchy tunes on this new album Elegant Balloons - there is a real 90s feel here, reminiscent of bands like Sugar, with their chuggy punk edged alt-rock, and perhaps, to a degree, Husker Du also spring to mind. Cunningham opens the album - it's a great way to start, throwing you an instantly catchy chorus and some great female backing vocals to round things out.

The quality stays high throughout, second track in Prick is also another bouncy tune but with a line in mildly pissed off lyrics which focuses your attention nicely. Connor has a rich and full sound, warm and all encompassing guitars fill out another memorable tune and this is followed with Burgundy which to my mind has a Wedding Present edge - a jangly guitar sound and upbeat feel backed by heartfelt lyrics. Another highlight is the fast paced but slightly melancholic edge of Disappointed which is a great sing long track, but it feels pointless picking favourites as honestly there aren't really any low moments; the album has been well constructed and chugs along nicely from start to finish.

Actually, it's really good to hear some solid and straight forward melodic rock songs for a change - assured, warm riffs, heartfelt and down-to-earth lyrics and beats you can move to, all played with a mature and comfortable air which makes you feel instantly at ease - it's guaranteed that minutes in to the album you'll find yourself bouncing along and singing back Tom's great vocal lines. We can also recommend catching this lot live, they sound just as good and won't disappoint.