American Heritage Sedentary

So the vinyl version of this 11 track slice of Chicago math-based metal arrived at my door recently and I'm thoroughly glad that it did. Originally released at the start of 2011, it's found it's way onto vinyl just a couple of months back. If you are lucky you will be able to get yourself a yellow/brown vinyl version too. Just to add to the feeling of decay and disease that the band seem to like to pedal. Yes, they have a track called Kiddie Pool of Baby Blood. Ian Watkins references at the ready.

There's a feeling of familiarity with the sound; it's more straight down the middle than Mastodon, yet you can hear tinges of it. And of Testament. And a little bit of early nineties death. But all well stuck behind driving sludge riffs - rarely technical, but always proficient. A dual guitar attack of droning noise is the order of the day; moving between mid pace and the occasional move towards Slayer-esque rhythms.

The press release assures me I'll feel a "sonic gut punch", but in actual fact this is some catchy, groove ridden stuff. There's an element of stoner in it which makes it distinct from some of the more abrasive bands of a similar style. You get the impression these guys listen to a little bit of Fu Manchu if between their blasts of Cattle Decapitation.

It's marginally superficial at times, lacking the odd truly great moment, but American Heritage are a band who know when they are onto a good thing with a riff and they stick with what they obviously know. Blues ridden sludge at a canter.