Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory –Elements of light

In-demand remixer Pantha Du Prince has pushed boundaries and produced a beautifully crafted body of work in collaboration with The Bell Laboratory. The project's beginnings go back as far as 2010 when during lunch he heard in the distance a concert playing on a bell carillon inside a city hall. He was inspired by how the frequencies and overtones unfolded unpredictably influencing one another and resonating more or less across the whole Norwegian capital.

It was suggested that he compose for the Carillon, a 3,500 year old Shang Dynasty, and 3 tonne 50 bell carriage. The result is a 5 track, 45 minute piece of music that resonates to your ears. The album is a single continuous work but has been broken down in to tracks which are named after elements of light, 'Wave', 'Particle', 'Photon', 'Spectral Spirit' and 'Quantum'. The work is a fusion of electronic music and classical composition and draws on a combination of minimalist composing and dance floor vibes. The sounds flow in wavy lines, slowly building in intensity just as they would when they interacted with the buildings and traffic when the idea was conceived over lunch in 2010. It is a city soundscape, sounds that remain familiar to your ears whilst remaining fresh and new. Elements of Light is a natural step in the Pantha Du Prince oeuvre. Bells featured prominently on his previous album the highly acclaimed Black Noise released by Rough Trade in 2010.

As a city dweller I did feel this was a natural soudscape to everyday life. Its rising intensity and delicate cascades match those found as the wind scoops city noises and swirls them through trees and buildings. Having been to many towns with prominent church towers and bells I can say that this piece captures their magic and transports it to you on a handy CD. Close your eyes to this and you could be anywhere in the metropolis.