Sophie Hunger The Danger Of Light

2012 was an incredibly busy year for Sophie Hunger. In the spring she produced a one woman show called 'Bob Dylan - Be Part Of My Dream' which ran initially in Paris then again later in the year at the Montreal Jazz festival and contributed on Cornelia Rainer's play 'Jakob Michel Reinhold Lenz'. On top of all of this she found the time to squeeze in a 3rd album. Recorded with an eclectic roll of contributors; Josh Kinghoffer (RHCP) Nathaniel Walcott (Bright Eyes) and Steven Nistor (Danger Mouse) headed by Adam Samuels (Warpaint, John Frusciante) as producer the result of which is a 11 track release of classy tunes.

Hunger was raised the daughter of a diplomat, spending her time between homes in Switzerland, Germany and the UK and her music reflects the bilingual lifestyle. Effortlessly switching between languages throughout the record, her song writing is intelligent and effective. But what else would you expect from a political commentator who has long held a critically acclaimed column in the German newspaper De Zeit.

If you were to compare her to anyone, it would be a young and equally capturing PJ Harvey. Tracks like can you see me? hold the same intensity, the same masterful melody and the same absorbing voice. Given the quality for this album Hunger is definitely one to add to the must see list this year. It's their worldly intelligence that draws them to comparison.

The intelligence doesn't stop with the lyrics, as the musical score for this album is delicate and complex whilst still remaining accessible. Tracks like Perpetrator and LikeLikeLike hark back to a jam session in a Jazz lounge and is punctuated with rampant brass, whilst tracks that follow can be so stripped back. Take A Turn For example is a simple vocal piece layered over acoustic guitar, building to include a very simple soundscape. Its simply beautiful and a strong end to a fantastic record.