Apples and Eve Dionysus

Gypsy folk is not something you come across everyday in England, certainly we have a rich heritage of folk music among the British isles but nothing quite like Apples & Eve. The band formed as recently as 2010 as a two piece but have since expanded to a 5 piece line-up and are based in Brighton where they have climbed the ladder thanks to some stellar live performances.

The new EP, Dionysus has been causing quite a media storm having been picked up by Tom Robinson of BBC6 Music, describing them as 'A startling band'. I cannot argue with that assessment, founding member Eva Rose's voice is as pure and powerful as the lyrics she writes. The bands new single 'L'Homme which is due for release later this month is a perfect example. The song is hypnotic and consuming in the finest of ways and from first listen of the first track on the EP I knew that I was going to enjoy the record.

The bands creativity is not just limited to music, the EP is wrapped in a hand printed envelope and there is a creative hand made approach to everything they do that is reflected in their music videos. It's also reflected in their music which has depth and quality from the lightest drumbeat to the heaviest chorus. XFM's John Kennedy made Apples & Eve his tip for 2013 and he could well be right, This EP is a really good start and I look forward to see what they do next.