Alan Bonner - Balladeer

London based singer-songwriter Alan Bonner has been garnering plaudits from the live music scene in London and further afield. Alan Bonner follows the autobiographical method to writing, singing about his life as he saw it with all of the emotion charging the lyrics.

Balladeer is a second album for Alan, following on from previous 2008 release; Songs For The Heart Shaped and it does exactly what it says on the tin. This album is a great introduction to Alan's style and his life as a whole. From drunken nights in Camden town to loosing the plot at Glastonbury after the 32 minutes of this album you'll feel you were there with him thanks to very well worded and written lyrics that have been thoughtfully placed over simple acoustic tracks. The kind of acoustic track you expect to hear in a festival campsite at 4am or in a park on a summer's day. Despite the often-heavy subject matter that Alan chooses to sing about, the music stays light and fluffy and soothes though through some of the darker times. The festival feel to this album may come though exposure and Alan has played at a sing of festivals including Oxjam, Global gathering and Brighton Live.

If I was to be critical of this record I would point out the word count at times gets a little high. In some songs we lose the key melody and head closer to the spoken word. In some tracks such as Look At Me and Talia are far too lyric heavy and Talia at spells goes from being rhythmic to ranting.

Despite not being a debut album it's a great introduction to a very talented musician and well worth 30 minutes of your life. I recommend you choose a sunny half hour on a Sunday afternoon.