I wanna be....Abergavenny!

To me, Abergavenny will be imprinted into my psyche as a wet holiday destination from my childhood. Not totally surprising as these short-breaks were usually in the months of October - however this is the unexpected hometown of Welsh Punkers, The Red Tears, who unleash this trio of demo tracks for our listening pleasure.

First rack, Fallen jumps out of the blocks with feverish guitars and slamming drums before the verse kicks in, and we get a solid mid-tempo track. I instantly think of the great LA (and Rancid-endorsed) Punk band, Orange. In fact the vocals are similar to that of Orange's Joe Dexter. It's a catchy song with a great Punk sing-along chorus.

Next song is, The Phoenix which is very Offspring-esque, and if Dexter Holland was to sing it then the track could quite comfortably sit on a number of the aforementioned band's albums. It is worth noting, however that this doesn't sound like a copy but more an acknowledgment to a good formula.

The last song here is, The Egos & The Alcohol, which shouts out the Punk rock messages of having fun but accepting your own responsibilities and limitations. The song structure is a little more like, Fallen, but the band are not going to just give us a couple of chord changes and expect us to be satisfied. No, there is a consideration here that is evident to give listeners something a little more thoughtful, whilst still giving us some great fist-punching and rebel-rousing anthems.

This is a nice three-song taster, but I think that after a few listens I will require more in order to quench my insatiable musical thirst. This is great stuff and I look forward to hearing more.