James Dean-esque

Former Fast Cars front man Steve Murray has a timeless sound. There is something similar to the song writing, guitar playing and singing of former Guns 'N Roses rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin in the blues-led Rock'N'Roll that is instantly accessible. Following on from 2009's EP, Twisting The Hand Of Fate it includes two of the four tracks from the aforementioned EP - opener Stones-esque James Dean MX2 and the Country foot-tap of American Girls. Elsewhere things are chilled and laid-back with the 70's organ-lead ballad of Opportunity, and the uncomplicated sway of Here's A Song.

We have the musical crash of Elvis Costello with The Rolling Stones on Mrs Jones, and it's obvious that Mr Murray favours the slower tempo of song over real foot-tappers - Rock N Roll With Me being the only exception, and Battlefield at a push could be described as slightly mid-tempo. Steve likes to keep things simple so as not to detract from the lyrics and songs like, Angels & Butterflies and the thoughtful heartbreak of Baby I'm Leaving You work so very well. One of my favourites on he is the Bob Dylan sounding track of Clowns With Hearts Of Gold that could well have been recorded back in the late 60's.

Elsewhere we have the slide-guitar of The Last Dance which has additional female vocals to give it another dimension, and the last song, What You Doin Tonight which has a slow-ballad from a movie soundtrack about it. Overall this is a solid album that shows the talents of Steve Murray. Personally I would like to see a couple more foot-tappers like the album opener, but that is not to say that the slower tracks are not as good. This is good honest Rock. Classic without sounding dated and that is very hard to achieve. Good work.