Diamond Rugs Self Titled

Nashville has music ingrained into its soul and a music roster of greats that have recorded there that would make the finest of festivals ever created. It has a state of mind that effects musicians that enter its hallowed studios and leads them to add that country twang to whatever they are recording. Diamond Rugs are no exception and are the brainchild of Deer Tick's John McCauley who had moved to Nashville previously to work on new music. Upon writing a couple of songs he started to contact friends from around the states to be a part of the project, what he didn't expect is that when they came they brought some of their own, unique material. Through this Diamond Rugs were born and are more than just a collaborative album, they are a band in their own right,

The album plays like Black Lips meets sour mash whiskey and that's no surprise as Ian Saint Pe is one of the musicians involved. The others on the list of collaborators and band members are; Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick) Steve Berlin (Los lobos) Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate) and Bryan Dufrense (Six Finger Satelite).
This self titled southern swinger starts with Hightail a bit of a runaway road ballad infused with mouth organ and husky throat lyrics and progresses into varying styles of raw made indie anthems. Gimme a Beer has Black Keys overtures and is much more pop-rock, whilst retaining a slight country influence. Catering for all seasons, Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant is exactly what it says on the tin; an out an out Christmas song and in March of all months.

Christmas anthems aside this album has earned the right to be played. Big God, Gimme a Beer and Motherland could very well end up being the sound track to all the adverts this summer. They are the right mix of raw, upbeat music and catchy lyrics. If you like your music on the rocky side and your not adverse to a healthy dose of Country influence go out and buy this album now.