Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite - GET UP!

Two decades, 12 studio albums and a journey that has seen him perform with many of the great musicians of our time. Ben Harper is no newcomer by any standards and yet can still find a collaboration to keep his music fresh and new. Ben's newest album release Get Up! sees him team up with renowned harmonica master Charlie Musselwhite. "Charlie and I have been looking to make this record for over ten years now and now we've gotten to it, I cant wait to play it live" Stated Ben upon launch.

It was ten years prior to this release that Charlie met Ben whilst recording for John Lee Hooker. They connected musically and personally and have held a wish to work together ever since. This connection is displayed for all to see in the music they have made together, beautiful soulful tracks that are a striking mix of Gospel, Roots and old school rhythm and blues, this is a record with a fiery beating heart that will move you.

This is the first new release from Harper since 2011 and like any good harmonica infused piece its lyrics tell a tale of struggle and heart. The politics of personal struggle are the topic of opening track don't look twice. Love is the topic for the delicately orchestrated You Found Another Lover (I lost another friend) that is so charged with emotion the guitar feels like a man playing heart strings to a screaming harmonica soul. My stand out track of the album is a haunting battle hymn I ride at dawn that examines the human condition, our need for conflict and war.

The roots of this album are old and wise; it harks back to a time R&B still had blues to sing about and when soul was in full swing whilst remaining fresh and unique. It is a beautiful release that I cannot recommend enough and one to see live once the tour kicks in.