Hard To resist

Canadian's Edge Of Attack are a name you need to get familiar with fast. With the release of their self-titled debut album, the female fronted five piece have taken nothing for granted, creating an album that needs to be heard and will leave you desperate for more.

Nothing is going to contain Edge Of Attack as In Hell heralds the opening of the Canadian's self-titled album with vigour, excitement and layer upon layer of shred fuelled finery. Colossal somehow seems to undermine the power and size of In Hell as it unleashes an avalanche of power metal that soothes alongside guitars that are happy to offload heaving chunks of thrash fused riffs that mingle against machine gun drums and haunting vocals. Edge of Attack have thrown everything into the mix and whilst this might not always work, for the Canadian's it is the perfect blend, creating a sound that has the melodic hook of power metal but sprinkled with a thrashing underbelly that adds an exciting element and makes for an engaging listen. Aptly titled The Haunting brings a darkness to the album with yet more infectious choruses welded to riffs that seep into your consciousness before Demon Of The North ups the heavy ante even higher, instantly throwing out melodic fused riffs that harbour just enough heaviness to have fists pumping and heads banging and yet retaining that infectious edge that guarantees Demon Of The North remains in your head. And still Edge Of attack seem to be only just warming up as Take Me Alive blazes past in a whirlwind of frenzy guitars, chugging beats and vocals that are hard not to sing along with whilst In The Night is simply waiting to be embraced by a live audience. Just when you think Edge Of Attack have played their best track, the Canadian's somehow pull another out of the bag making this self-titled album a gem to treasure.

Whether it is the frantic shred frenzy of title track (that also shares the band's name) Edge Of Attack or the catchy hooks of Forever that demands to be released as a single, Edge Of Attack have created an album that all metal fans should hear. Polished and yet retaining a rawness that ensures it still ignites with passion and emotion, Edge Of Attack is, put simply, a beast; larger than life, fast paced and with more power behind every beat, every note and each line sung, the record takes no prisoners and quite frankly, why would you want to resist anyway?