Karnivool - Asymmetry

Aussie rockers Karnivool have made their welcome and much anticipated return with the release of Asymmetry.

Asymmetry sees the Perth quintet moving away from their popish approach to song writing and producing an album which is challenging and dark. It has been four years since Karnivool last release an album, and there is no doubt that in this time they have explored new sounds - leading to their most accomplished music to date.

Frontman Ian Kenny's voice is perfect for the darker route their music has taken, at times he sounds like Maynard James Keenan, and provides the perfect balance to the musical chaos that Asymmetry throws at you.

A.M. War and The Refusal could almost be described as manic in relation to the music, yet, it works and sounds great. Despite the manic sound the musical elements have obviously been thought through and have been well structured so that the listener is not just hit by a wall of noise.

The lyrics are profound and seem full of meaning, thanks to them being perfectly pronounced and very audible. Kenny's voice is extremely compelling during Aeons; a song which has captured the atmospheric feel created on their last record; Sound Awake.

It is great to see a talented band living up to the high expectations their fans have of them and being brave enough to try something new, while managing not to disengage their loyal fan base. Asymmetry is a fantastic album from an equally fantastic and talented band. Well worth a listen... or ten.