Kindred Shins - Yes To Rioting Notoriety

Kindred Shins latest EP Yes To Rioting Notoriety as you may be glad to know, is not a tribute to Notorious BIG, in fact its quite the opposite. Classing themselves as 'Stoner Blues Rock' their sound is quite difficult to pigeon-hole. It's mellow, but at the same time pumped full of energy. A combination of full throttle rock and swinging blues with the odd bit of synth thrown in for good measure.

Regain Your Poise Hysterical Woman a delightful track about a lady who "lifts her skirt to suit the need". How accommodating. But I guess almost every album ever made, with the exception of Susan Boyle's perhaps, has a song about a (for want of a better word) slut. So may as well get it out of the way early. To give them credit, if you take the lyrics with a pinch of salt they are pretty funny. They made me laugh anyway. Musically the song is a perfect opener luring you in with the promise of juicier guitar riffs to come and the growl of MacFayden's 's vocals.

She Floats Just Like The Witch sounds a bit like a mixture of the Foo Fighters and Oasis, with a psychedelic twist. It's a song with just the right amount of slamming guitars and symbol clashes to spark a decent circle pit. And there's The Smoker Never Quits , not a title which your doctor would necessarily agree with. Considering their genre you might be right to assume it refers to something a little bit stronger than tobacco. The track itself has an infectious rhythm you'll find yourself subconsciously nodding, then gradually head banging along to.

The EP closes with Red Eye Blues which appropriately has parts which sound like the song they play at the end of the night when the dance floor's empty except for a few drunk girls swaying, shoes in hand, and a middle aged bloke who knows all the words. But don't get me wrong that's not a bad thing, it's the ideal last track which ends leaving you feel completely chilled.

Kindred Shins are a band whose music seems to be laid back yet hyperactive, and somehow that works. Released on 30th September Yes To Rioting Notoriety is an EP that shows potential, Kindred Shins are definitely one to look out for.