Backslashes and Bad Ideas - There's No Place Like Home

Backlashes and Bad Ideas began with a group of friends getting together with a common interest - music. What made these musicians stand out was that they took their passion for music and ran with it, getting them to the point where their fan base was growing and they were gaining attention for their creations.

After a year of hard work, traveling and performing their hearts out, while sharing their own unique blend of passionate and honest pop punk, next comes the release of their new EP, There's No Place Like Home. North By Northeaster is the first taste we get of the bands style and although it is a quick 80 second mellow melody with gentle strumming of guitars, it makes way for four upbeat pop punk tunes of strong strumming and drums crashing. Conditions takes the same upbeat nature of its predecessors buts adds a little more edge, a sharpness through the use of guitars. It explosive ending makes it more memorable. In terms of vocals, they are steady and suit the tracks perfectly, not too raw and do not sound too gentle either. The harmonies are limited to the backing of the tracks with the main vocal remaining dominant throughout, except where chants are projected strongly as Wearing Thin concludes.

Southern Tea is the only real stand out tune for its acoustic nature. The track is stripped to simple guitar and vocals making it bare and really demonstrates the talents behind the band.

There's No Place Like Home is the perfect introductory release to the sound of Backlashes and Bad Ideas. It shows two very differing sides from the upbeat and lively majority to the snippet of something much more emotive. There's No Place Like Home leaves you wanting more...