Knights - Hailstorm EP

Hailstorm is the latest self-released five-track EP from hardcore band Knights.

This seventeen minute long release opens with Rise. Although the first forty seconds seems to be fairly smooth sailing as guitars find their footing, the remainder of the track sounds to be complete pandemonium and the rest of the EP never strays too far from this opening sound. From Memoirs through to Mistress and then on to Strova, the only real break for breath or to regain some of your hearing is the concluding minute of Mistress which in comparison to the rest of the EP sounds out of place due to its solo piano melody, but it is peaceful.

Crestfallen is the concluding five minute long track. The first minute and a half seems to be a fairly repetitive guitar riff followed by another several minutes of similar sounds at an increased level before actually kicking off three and a half minutes in, which after this time you actually lose interest. The only differing element about this EP comes in this concluding tune where the gruff and gentler vocals are combined alongside the music to really demonstrate the scale of what they can create. There is certainly some raw talent that develops as this EP from Knights progresses.