Call It Off Liars

All four members of Call It Off have been playing in various bands over the years, but it was a shared admiration for punk rock music that finally bought this Netherlands quartet together. Although they may have only been playing together for less than a year, Call It Off have already put together tracks for their follow up to last year's EP Lovers.

The release opens with the upbeat guitars of Famous Last Words and continues on with a spring in its melodies. This is a very easy to enjoy song that will go down a treat at a live show. They have listed Green Day as one influence and this track is fuelled with an early Green Day vibe in both the music and the way it works together with the vocals. As the following tracks roll out, this is an ongoing theme throughout.

Burning Bridges is the second track and the joint vocal and harmonies makes this one a little livelier. Stuck With You is a really melodious number and drags listeners in while the guitar solo shakes things up a tad. I Don't Wanna is faster paced and a little jumpier, packing more of a punch than its predecessors all rolled into two minutes. The EP concludes with Call Me, which is probably the most mellow tune out of the five on this release, but still a memorable one.

There is no doubt that these guys know how to write and create a good anthemic song and in this little bundle of joy they have created five!