I, The Lion - Run

I, The Lion on their new EP Run, provide plenty of musical highlights to entice any fan of post punk energy and melody. On Bandcamp they describe themselves as...."Put a tattoo artist, a videographer and a lifeguard on a stage together, throw in a crate of Relentless and you’ll get a trio that are at the cutting edge of British post-punk". That's a description we at Room Thirteen would wholeheartedly agree with!

Hold Strong the opening track on the EP has a nicely atmospheric and heavy sound, with a dash of math rock dynamics, which gives the song quite an emotional edge and danceability, that is bound to strike a chord with live audiences. The lead vocals from bassist Chris Evans have an inherent sadness to them, which adds considerably to the often anthemic quality of this, and other songs on the EP. The harmonies with guitarist Elliot Withers build further that emotional quality to the songs.

Icarus has the most fabulous light touch and subtle drumming from Nath Priday, who uses the kit like a jazz percussionist, while never losing that essential post hardcore drive and power. Man Made of Mice has a very big sound, remarkable for a three piece band, with some rhythmically sharp and snapping bass lines that drive the song along at a punk pace, while never losing a sense of a good song, with a story to tell.

Bonny Island has a lovely lost feel with some fabulous melodic guitar lines and nice time signature changes, and closes this impressive EP. The music on offer here leaves us wondering where this excellent band may venture next, live they look a formidable proposition too.