As Good As Ever

When Faith No More announced their return back in 2009 it came with the added tidbit of info that new music was not likely on the horizon. The band were simply getting back together to play a run of shows and frankly enjoy themselves. Well luckily for us they enjoyed themselves so much with those reunion shows, we’re sitting here six years later with a new Faith No More record in our hands. Sol Invictus is the first album they’ve released in 18 years so the hype around this new material has been nuclear. So what of the album then? Does it live up to the hype? Does it stand up against the classics? Well lets just say it is pretty great.

Working your way through the Faith No More discography, it wouldn’t take long to identify the fact that the band have never been scared of breaking boundaries and shooting off into directions you couldn’t possibly predict, well on Sol Invictus it is no different. The two lead singles off the album Motherfucker and Superhero were already well received and there is no doubt that once the momentum behind the tour for this album picks up there will be a fair few more crowd favourites.

The album opens with the title track, a moody slow paced number which will have you grinning from ear to ear as Mike Patton accentuates his own maniacal self. It serves as the perfect intro back into the bizarre world of Faith No More. And it is not just Mike Patton who will have you in good spirits as across the album it is clear that this is very much a band on form and back enjoying what they do best. Billy Gould’s bass remains a devastating tool at the heart of every track, coming beautifully into the foreground on songs like Separation Anxiety and Black Friday. Another key highlight on the album is Matador which encapsulates everything about Faith No More in an eccentric six minute package.

One thing that should be said about this album though is the fact that it does need repeat listens. Your first spin of it will be exciting, but the more you delve in to the madness contained across the ten tracks the more you’ll begin to put this record right up there with some of their old classics. In fact with every listen of this album, you’ll come out the other side with a new favourite track. The melodies and riffs are memorable to a point they’ll infect your consciousness for days and don’t even get us started on some of Mike Patton’s lyrics. Overall then this is a brilliant addition to the Faith No More back catalogue.