Haunted by Riffs

Revengeance, then. Where Conan get knee deep in the detritus of their enemies. The desolation of Monnos is gone, the exploration of Blood Eagle over; on Revengeance the Liverpool three piece declare war.

Conan go on the attack from the first bar of album opener Throne of Fire all blistering riffs and punchy drums as Jon Davis wails and Chris Fielding roars weaving their tale of woe. Similarly, they blast through the nakedly aggressive title track with furious aplomb with Davis screaming, “you are nothing!”. Thunderhoof is more like the low frequency dirge we’ve come to endure and enjoy from the Merseysiders on previous releases and its closing riff positively drips with dread. Wrath Gauntlet dials back the riffs for longer guitar passages and drones with spare drums. Earthenguard manages to synthesise all that has preceded it sounding like High on Fire covering Electric Wizard making for a bruising finale.

If it all sounds like it takes itself too seriously that never feels the case as the mosh threatening riffs (see Every Man Is An Enemy for evidence) keeps the vibe lively and new drummer Rich Lewis’s varied approach has the band moving from the back to front foot. Of course, the none-more-metal cover also suggests at least a hint of tongue in cheek but it’s iron not irony on Revengeance.

With Revengeance Conan continue their deadly progress as a band, firmly cementing themselves as one of Britain’s finest doom dealers.