Simple Plan - Taking One For The Team

Simple Plan has had fans on the edge of their seats for some time now, waiting for the release of their fifth studio album Taking One For The Team. After releasing videos for several tracks, the time has finally come for the band to share the album in its entirety with the world.

When it comes to Simple Plan there are a few things that you can always expect from an album and this one does not fail to impress. Firstly there is some incredible vocal talent. Pierre has an amazing voice. It is gentle yet upbeat and can soar though the lyrics and melodies wonderfully. He is able to hit those high notes as well as sing with a mellower tone for the ballads. There are backing vocals from the rest of the band that shine bright within choruses and chants; I Refuse is packed of layered vocals from Pierre’s lead to the other bands members chipping in with the ”I refuse” line. There are also a few familiar vocals from Nelly (I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed), R. City (Singing in the Rain), Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory (Farewell) and Juliet Simms on the ballad I Dream About You. Between the chorus of Boom and the repetition in the chorus of I Don't Wanna Go to Bed, things are kept simple, easy on the ears and sing a long friendly.

Then there are the musical aspects to the album. There are the upbeat tunes such as the opener Opinion Overload which kicks things off in true Simple Plan style as well as Kiss Me Like Nobody's Watching , Everything Sucks, P.S. I Hate You and Nostalgic with their abundance of energy and bounce. I Don't Wanna Be Sad has a more of a brass band feel and Singing in the Rain has a sleek touch which put a smile on your face and make you forget that sad winder cold and look forward to that summer sun.

Perfectly Perfect and Problem Child are the ballads of the bunch with their soft and gentle slow paced guitars really standing out. These are the songs that in a live set would see lighters and lights of camera phones sparkling around the crowd.

Combine these elements and you have a sure fire hit on your hands. From beginning to end this album will send shivers waving through your arms and legs in anticipation. It’s an album you can imagine in its entirety being played live on stage to a crowd of thousands going wild with excitement. This album is the perfect warm touch to a cold winter night and to promote the album the band has several dates lined up around the UK for their Taking One For The Team Tour. Watch out for the band to hit a venue near you soon!