The King Is Also Very Loud

Big riffs? Check. Shit load of attitude? Check. Filthy levels of aggression? Check. Well then, if you’ve never heard of them before, let us introduce you to the punishingly heavy British Metal band The King is Blind. Our Father is the band’s debut album, a debut album which sounds like it could have growled out of a band who have been at the very top for years. This is a band and album of such a quality it influenced Cacophonous Records to buy a new pack of pens and re-open its doors.

The King Is Blind are a band who you’ll see tagged with all kinds of sub genre labels, but that’s simply because in a heartbeat they can go from Death Metal style aggression like on opener Genesis Refracted to filthy BIG Doom riffs like on Mors Somnis which will have you pulling all kinds of stupid faces as you head bang slowly on your morning commute. This track in particular is one of those which you’ll happily allow to loop on repeat for an hour or so - its earth shattering levels of heaviness, and brilliantly crafted sudden explosions into madness absolutely makes it the standout on the album. So far it sounds like we’re describing a bit of a mess, a band who haven’t worked out what they want to be yet, but after giving Our Father a spin we’re confident you will fully take on our point that The King Is Blind have been able to box a host of influences together and turn it in to one of the most exciting Metal albums from a ‘new’ band in years. There are many who argue that the Metal scene in general is going through a bit of a lull at the moment, but if bands like The King Is Blind, who can stick two fingers up to being boxed in to a single sub genre, still exist then there is still hope yet.

We’ve touched on the fact that almost at the flick of a switch, The King Is Blind are able to go from slow and menacing to fast and violent, but nothing epitomises it more than going from the nine minute slugfest Mourning Light to the Thrash induced Amen. As a couple of tracks, these sit smack bang in the middle, but taking a bit of a step back when you’re assessing the pacing and tone of this album, as a complete piece the band have shown an impressive level of intelligence. You’re constantly left guessing as to what they’re going to throw at you next, which combined with their general quality as musicians really makes for an exciting listen.

Overall then, The King Is Blind may not be a band sitting within your radar yet, but Our Father will change that. It’s heavy, aggressive and genuinely exciting - an element which is particularly missing from so many other bands on the scene at the moment. The band will be performing the album in its entirety on Sunday 31st January at The Black Heart in Camden. Frankly, after giving this multiple spins, we’re worried how the building will cope.