2 Fast 2 Furious

After what seems like an agonising long wait, London duo Deux Furieuses finally release their debut album and just like the famous beer commercial slogan, good things come to those that wait.

The sound the duo create would make you believe the band had four or five members, it’s massive. This is not just down to post recording production; this sound is created in their impressive live shows too. For a duo to be able to create that wall of sound they would need to be extremely talented and these two push the boundaries of talent to a whole new dimension.

Talent alone does not make a good album, you need good tracks too and with Tracks Of Wire we are not disappointed. As the band name suggests (Deux Furieuses translates simply into two furious), the tracks are full of an angry and aggressive attitude, with their lyrics and powerful riffs throughout.

Are We Sexy Enough? is quite frankly a potent beast of a track. The subject matter contained within the lyrics is serious stuff and matched with the power of the track itself. The fact this track is slotted in third on the album instead of at the end is proof Deux Furieuses have the belief in the song on its own merits and not just a novelty. A belief shared by this reviewer.

There are lots to love about Tracks Of Wire - it's power, the various messages contained within from political to empowerment, the talent of two musicians throwing literally everything into their art, the creative song writing that never feels tired or dated. Finally, it makes one great training companion on those tough days in the gym or out running marathons - maybe best to just trust me on this one!

There’s a legendary name in Rob Ellis as co-producer on this album, on this evidence Deux Furieuses are heading into the legend status direction. Already receiving plenty of airplay on 6 Music, it won’t be long before the rest of the country wakes up to the talent on display here.