Fangclub - Bullet Head

The members of Fangclub were brought together by a shared passion for music, specifically punk and ‘90s grunge. Thankfully after some deliberation and other collaborations, Fangclub and this subsequent five track EP Bullet Head was born.

Although there may only be five tracks on this EP, this short sharp snippet of what the band is capable of creatively demonstrates some excellent examples of passion and dedication to the craft. Opening the EP is the instant smash of the two minute long title track. There are a lot of zealous yelps and prolonged vocal melodies, particularly in the chorus and backing vocals. The guitars pound and ravage the tune for these two minutes and never let down for a second.

Loner has a little more punch in its step and the verses certainly have that punk feel. Although the track is an easy on the ears song, the melodies are stretched out and vocals wrap around like a duvet on a cold winters night. Young Blood begins with a few metallic taps, gets accompanied by a guitar riff and then all hell breaks loose as the track pounds away. Psycho is a little more in your face. Guitars strum, drums pound and the vocals just let loose on the track with the word PSYCHO being yelled at several points in the song. As the EP comes to a close and Role Models kicks in things are a little heavier on the choruses but hold that punk feel fairly close to heart.

When it comes to making great music that you cannot help but tap a toe or two too, the members of Fangclub certainly know what they are doing and have shown they've got a real creative gift.