Kingbreaker - To The Fire

The debut album from London based four piece Kingbreaker has a very accomplished feel to it; which is especially striking in a debut record. They have clearly honed their craft into something very special musically. The band is drawn from across four countries, which in itself feels a powerful and inclusive statement of intent.

The opening Led Zeppelin influenced track Outlaw has a great rolling heavy rock sound, punctuated with some trademark metal pinch harmonics by guitarist Gabriel. Vocalist Spinky sets out her stall of power vocals with an engaging emotional core, that gives the band a very unique identity of its own.

Midway through the album, standout track Shock Trauma has a really intense driving rhythm, led by the powerhouse playing of drummer Mikko and bassist Tom. The guitar riff is speaker shaking, and sets up a tremendous metal groove. This is definitely a track you would want to dance to live. Fire at Will that follows, has some great creative touches, highlighting Spinky's soaring harmony vocals, and Gabriel's intricately melodic guitar solo.

Sowers of Discord is the track that really showcases Spinky's vocals, and it's fair to say that she has a completely unique sound of her own, that you really need to discover for yourself. By turns tender and thunderous, and imbuing the song with a deeply felt passion and stunning dynamics.

Album closer Bury the Witness opens with some beautifully subtle bass and cymbal work, before a massive crunching riff crashes in. Spinky's voice takes on a gothic like storytelling timbre that perfectly complements, and also interprets the sonic attack of the band.

To The Fire is a great debut album, that brings together metal and heavy rock in an alluring mix, that we suspect will prove irresistible to lots of metal and rock fans. Magnificent and we can't wait to see them live!