Ferociously Sassy

Falls are a four piece Welsh Heavy Rock outfit who have really begun to establish themselves throughout 2016. The band released another EP, One Hundred Percent Strong, earlier in the year and after some strong feedback have unveiled another four tracks here which surpass their previous output by some way. With this second of the two EP's it feels like the band have had the chance to explore each other musically a bit more, bouncing around from catchy riffs which will stick in your head for days to a Doom-laden breakdown to conclude the final track. Even with this just being four tracks, it is very clear that this is a band who could well explode in the very near future.

The EP opens with Berries! which throws you straight in to a fast paced, yet incredibly catchy track sure to send everyone a bit barmy live. Their musical style is actually very reminiscent of bands like Red Fang and Turbowolf, keeping the heaviness without sacrificing that element of being a bit fun as well. Each of the four tracks pack a mighty punch, with the frenzied Punk pace containing plenty of bounce and aggression, especially the case with Live Delicious. It's a delightfully ferocious set of tracks which we can only imagine would cause all manner of carnage live.

The vocals on here are also very strong. The erratic style calls back to the early days of Biffy Clyro and you really get this sense that you believe in them even just through the delivery itself. Too often bands contain vocalists who just do what they think is expected of them rather than actually having any guts to really let rip and dig deep in to their own passion - there is no such problem with Falls.

The final track on the EP, titled Liberator is perhaps their crowning moment as far as their recorded output in 2016 is concerned. Slightly longer than the other three tracks on the album, the first half of it blitzes by with that gritty DIY Punk sound before launching a full-scale assault on the senses in a tirade of heavy as fuck riffs which you simply don't want to hear ending.

EDIT: We've sadly heard since posting this review that the band are in fact calling it a day. We look forward to seeing where each of them pop up in the near future as there is obviously a lot of talent on show.