Escape the Fate - I Am Human

Escape the Fate started out over a decade ago as a Nevada based rock band making music and having fun...sometimes having a little too much fun. The style of music for their first full length album Dying is Your Latest Fashion was very emo with much fun and laughter and not much of a serious note. In the time since the bands initially kick started into the music industry there have been countless changes in line up and style of music; drummer Robert Ortiz is in fact the only remaining original member of the group. First there was the introduction of lead vocalist Craig Mabbitt, then TJ Bell and later Thrasher as guitarists. Although these changes in band members have been gradual, this current line-up seems to have the band cemented in their sound and they are sounding stronger than ever.

As well as the bands ongoing line-up changes there has been a change in the style and sound of the music they have been creating. Over the years Escape the Fate has moved on from the emo sound of their debut, with This War Is Ours introducing a firmer tone while still retaining some lighter pop elements, while their third self-titled album, Ungrateful and then Hate Me continued on a progression towards a heavier sound that we have now reached with I Am Human.

This album had been pushed back from its original release but while waiting, the band did reveal several tunes fans could look forward to hearing. These songs however only gave a small taste of what we Escape the Fate had to come. Opening in typical Escape the Fate style, Beautifully Tragic is a loud catchy tune with pulsating guitars. Vocals are as you would expect with the amazing talents of Craig Mabbitt but there are some subtle backing screams hidden beneath. Guitar riffs are strong and build up the anticipation of the song to an explosive chorus. The songs that follow don't differ much to the remarkable sound we have come to expect from Escape the Fate since their last two albums, just much stronger in their sound, as well as the lyrical content.

The strength of the guitar talent on this record stands out, particularly on sections within Four Letter Word. I Will Make It Up To You has a faster pace on the verses, an element that may have you recalling their original sound, but this is quickly reverted back to their strong essence with the chorus. The guitar solo is epic and has you longing for that moment of clarity that then pulses in. Broken Heart is a break up kick to the head that will have you singing along in no time at all - "I'm letting go cause I can't this anymore, since you broke my heart in two". The underlying harmonies are a nice touch to this tune in relation to the content of the song.

The album's title track I Am Human is one of the more moving tracks on the album. Its lyrics are incredibly honest, meaningful and will likely touch the hearts and minds of fans in countless ways; although being one of the slower tunes on the album, it will likely kick the hardest punch with the lyrics "I am strong, I am weak, I am everything between, I am proud to be me, I am human. I am weird, I'm a freak and am different I'm unique, I will love who I please, I am human, you are just like me". This is one of the strongest songs Escape the Fate has ever created.

Do You Love Me will have fans screaming along at live shows. It is the track on the album that has you up on your feet, shrugging the shoulders back and forth, while bopping the head. It builds on the harmonies and incorporates the scream/sing tones at points that work incredibly well. This song is upbeat, fast paced and will become a fan favourite without a doubt.

With an album that has some very heavy and atmospheric times, you need that breath of fresh air in the centre and Escape the Fate has created this lighter ambiance with If Only. This song demonstrates a more acoustic side and sets them away from the upbeat heavier natured sound, to something that shows off the cleaver way they can adapt musically. The way the vocals blend and stand out as well as the guitar talent is incredible and unexpected.

Building on some of the heavier tones, like those reminiscent of Issues, Escape the Fate really kick things up with Empire. Recipe For Disaster follows this heavier style. Likewise, Riot continues on with a sharp guitar infused rhythm that will punch with attitude and this one certainly put its stamp on the album. Digging My Own Grave returns to the sounds we adored on the single Ungrateful with the screams becoming dominant in the verses of this heavier sounding tune and Resistance will have fists punching the air at several intervals.

The album concludes with a re-release of Let Me Be, a song fans have adored since it was on their Hate Mealbum. With this album Escape the Fate certainly solidifies their current line-up. I Am Human could in fact be the strongest album that Escape the Fate has ever created. It has everything you could ever want and after one listen, you will want to have another.