TesseracT - Sonder

TesseracT are a progressive metal quintet whose fourth full-length album Sonder is sure to drive toward the band garnering a wave of new admirers. As soon as the album kicks in to motion with Luminary the direction the five go in becomes apparent it's almost like nothing you have ever heard; they do it in their own style and in their own time. They sit between genres - taking bits from an array of influences and fusing elements of heavy metal aggression with loud guitar-driven rock while adding at times something a little subdued. By doing this they create a unique sound crowds are yearning for.

King crashes in with those deep guitar vibes and adds some atmospheric undertones and melodic vocals creating something quite unique. Likewise, Beneath My Skin, Juno and Smile follow a similar path. At just over two minutes Orbital is a mellow and quite tranquil song that gives that needed break between the more vigorous music. Then you have tracks such as Mirror Image that combine the lighter side of TesseracT to begin with, very little vocals and those that are present are soft, gentle and beautifully projected before the final minute or so where the strong and powerful heaviness returns with a punch and puts it stamp on things. The album concludes with The Arrow, a song that takes everything that you have just heard and throws it all together in a large pot and serves it up quite nicely.

Throughout this album the songs tend to follow a similar pattern of blending highs and lows with disorientating atmospherics combined with melodic vocals and powerful screams this album certainly has TesseracT standing out at the moment.