Insert Pun Of Long Metal Track Names

Hailing from the Netherlands, the seasoned Thrash/Death Metal unit Legion Of The Damned are back with their thirteenth studio release (if rightfully including their time known as Occult) and much like with the rest of their back catalogue, these lads are not fucking about when it comes to writing straight up, groove laden Metal tracks designed to make you want to bang your head and level the nearest structure.

With Slaves Of The Shadow Realm the band come in STRONG on the opening few tracks. The Widow's Breed is one of those opening tracks which can take some time to get past due to the desire to smash the repeat button on whichever device you are holding. The erratic level of pace and the transitions from groove to groove definitely pitches this one more in the Thrashier camp with the following track Nocturnal Commando then adding an extra layer of malice and spite fans of this band are so used to hearing.

The issue here though is this level of momentum doesn't stand strong throughout the entirety of the record. They've definitely dived in big with the opening few numbers but by the time you get to the latter stages of the record your attention will begin to wane. It's unfortunate but you can't help but feel that in the current landscape of heavy music, if they'd launched the odd curveball in to proceedings halfway through then the buzz and attention on them would be far more improved. Strong record but not amazing.