Garcia being Garcia.

In what seemingly feels like a constant friendly battle between himself and Brant Bjork to determine who the busiest man in Stoner Rock is, this particular Kyuss legend has followed his initial solo output in 2014 and a full acoustic record in 2017 with this new project alongside musicians he's dubbed 'The Band Of Gold'. Being that John Garcia has one of the most recognisable voices in heavy music it's impossible not to raise a slight smile when it first rips through the speakers on second track Jim's Whiskers.

Whilst the opening track serves as a slightly more Doom-y introduction to proceedings, it's on this second track where Garcia clearly sets the tone for the rest of the record. There are continual peaks and troughs throughout the eleven tracks where Garcia dictates a varied tempo between the slower groove laden jaunts like on track Kentucky II and the flurries of heightened urgency like on Popcorn (Hit Me When You Can). The latter of these two tracks serves as a true highlight on the record, one that will prove incredibly popular live.

Overall then, Garcia isn't exactly reinventing the wheel with this record; instead he's constructed a heavy dose of Stoner Rock which, whilst feeling flabby at points, generally hits the spot. Whilst obviously not reaching the kind of heights as Kyuss, it wouldn't be outrageous to say that this easily sits alongside records produced in other Garcia projects like Slo Burn or Unida.