Smooth and refined.

'Sadness' is an elegant, smooth tune oozing quality. Singer Liam McKahley's voice is rich and has a classic sound worthy of Sinatra, but perhaps more reminiscent of Neil Hannon. The guitar intro is brooding and despite the title, it's more pensive than sorrowful, especially if you take a look at what the emo bands are calling upbeat these days.

'Sadness' is chic and the tune is memorable, with an added jazzy guitar solo to remove any doubt as to its prowess. The chorus is emotional, with lyrics like "Have you come to take away the sadness/ have you come to wash away the tears?" but with the sadness channelled through the lavish vocals and major guitar chords, there is a great sense of cohesion in the band's creamy sound. Even if you're not a major fan, it's the kind of smart tune that you can't really say no to.