Scream-age rock

Kicking off with some melodic, scene-setting bells, A Change of Pace crash the proverbial wedding with their heavy, vocal rock. 'Loose Lips Sink Ships' is a driven tune with crashing guitars and scream-yourself-hoarse singing; it's very much in the vein of a young Hell Is For Heroes or Finch. It's a good job the members of A Change of Pace are scream-agers themselves, because I can imagine their demographic still revolting against teachers in school.

'Death Due Us Part' isn't really all that much different; it's a more positive, brighter tune, with the abundant angst held back and more singing, rather than the characteristic nu-metal scream that makes me wonder how long it will take vocalist Torry Jasper to destroy his vocal chords. 'Every Second' has some anarchic drumming and hardcore bass playing, with power and energy oozing from every guitar riff.

These arenít bad tunes, they are well produced, clean and tight; but I've just heard the likes so many times before. A Change of Pace will probably go down well with the youngsters. Their performance is branded 'propulsive' because the drummer falls over his drum kit and the lead singer spews liquid from his mouth; evidently if you're old enough to think this more "gross" than cool, then you're far too old for A Change of Pace.