With Wales being associated with bands from the genres of emo and post-hardcore like Funeral For A Friend and Dopamine, the last thing you would expect is a death metal band crashing in and creating musical mayhem in the Welsh Valleys. This is what quintet Necrocest have done. Influenced by the mighty Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, the Welsh death metal quartet have notched up impressive support slots with Aborted and the legendary Malevolent Creation.

Dead Pretty has more gore than any of Carcass' back catalogue put together; see the grinding 'Thy Caked In Cum' or the equally disturbing 'Persistent Genital Wart'. Just by the song titles you can tell how much this quartet are influenced by the Corpse. Vocalist Rory has the gut wrenching power to equal Decide monster Glenn Benton. The sound that is produced is nothing short of unholy and would not sound out of place in the infamous hellhole of death metal Morissound Studios, where Death and Morbid Angel laid down some of their groundbreaking work.

With Wales getting such a reputation for producing so many emo and hardcore bands, it is refreshing to know that there is something much more monstrous lurking in those valleys. Dead Pretty is an album packed with enough gore to compete with a Friday 13th film.

Fantastically Foul.