Poison Ivy

Blackbud won the best unsigned band award at last years Glastonbury Festival. The upshot of that accolade was a record deal with Sony's Independiente, the home of earnest rockers Travis and Embrace. What Michael Eavis, who judged the new bands, saw in Blackbud is anybody's guess as this EP showcases a band that would be hard pushed to keep a toilet cubicle engaged let alone someone with a functioning appreciation of music.

"Forever" attempts to fuse Country and Rock with floored results: it's over produced and has a sickly, glossy shine to it that eradicates any rawness and in the process does away with anything resembling character and charm. It plods along with intermittent attempts at a rousing chorus that just end up sounding like a rallying cry for The Institute of Basket Weavers or something. Maybe they should have listened a little closer to "Wild Horses", the Rolling Stones track they name check in the lyrics.

"Lost In Time" sounds exactly like... Travis, no laughing at the back, and "158" is generic trog rock that amounts to a fart under a single duvet: heard by no one and unlikely to be enjoyed by anyone other than its owner.