Big, Ballsy Rock

Narco are the real deal; their debut album was even produced and mixed in their own recording studio and 'Worth It' is one DIY effort that's certain not to fall down. It's a bruiser of a track that smashes through genre with heavy drums, cheeky keyboard, a groovy bassline and punk vocal thuggery. Narco's music has already taken a spin around the tracks of 'Grand Turismo 4' and various other computer games and I can see why; their tunes are full of driving force, speed and adrenalin, while remaining clear of the brashness of metal. The tune races along like the big floor-filler in a disco full of Mafia.

'Jimmy 2ks' is a little less riotous and has a ballsy beat which forms the basis to this easygoing pop punk tune; a neat guitar solo picks it up and the vocals are informal but outspoken. The tune has a quirky little riff with a dark, menacing tone that keeps the moody atmosphere of this single.

'Worth It' is a fabulous single; it sounds inventive, different, but still catchy and exciting. Their debut album is sure to be one to watch out for.