Animal magic

The record label Shifty Disco says "Make mediocrity history" and with this release they go some way to achieving that aim. Having recently toured on the Shifty Disco Road Show with fellow label mates The Race, The Unisex and Domes Of Silence, the Bristolian sixtet unleash this, their debut "physical" single; their first being a download, and it's a rather fine statement of intent that should place them firmly on the musical map.

"Run Pig Run" has a deft poppy hook and a 60's psychedelic flavour with a nod to Serge Gainsgourg - la "Bonnie and Clyde." It's great pop with an impressive attention to detail and an imposing vocal performance from singer Dan Telling.

"High Hopes" and "Call Centre Killer" are exemplary: brooding, focused and downbeat, they have a widescreen cinematic feel that is coupled with a heavy Neil Young influence; the later in particular, as Dan Telling's voice here bares an uncanny resemblance to Young's. It also just edges it as the EP's highlight.