Hot metal men

Not as immediate as their last single but this is still a fine addition to their growing arsenal of finely honed pop. "Blood" leads with the lyric, "Blood runs through our veins, that's where our similarity ends". It's not often that the world of music addresses the thorny subject of the intractable divide that separates man and canine, but here its confronted head on and full marks for it.

Musically it's a distillation of what made Joy Division great : demonic bass lines and possessed vocals, coupled with a crisper production and more intricate guitar work. I bet they're heartily sick of the comparisons with the maudlin Mancs by now but it really is unavoidable at times.

"Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home" treads a far more delicate path. Starting off a bit like Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross" but moving swiftly on with drums that are reminiscent of "Atmosphere" by you know who, it builds with some inspired guitar work before falling back into an intimate reverie of heartfelt concern.