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This is music for people who think Faithless are a bit too extreme and edgy. Music that would appeal to the shape shifting fiends from the film "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers", who yearn for a society of uniformed conformity : electronic music with all the interesting elements taken away and replaced with watered down doppelgangers.

It could well be categorized as 'dance' in certain circles, but the only speakers you're likely to hear it coming out of are the ones down your local Ikea superstore as it shares a certain inoffensive homogenized blandness with their furniture. It'll probably find its way onto many an Ibiza chill out LP and act as a comfort blanket for the terminally monged out. The chorus has a creepy vagueness about it that would probably sound profound after one too many jumping beans : "Open your heart into everything, open your world into everything" . A perfect mantra for the aforementioned body snatching ghoulies.

There should also be a government warning against this kind of thing as it's so full of sweet E numbers that at least two of my teeth fell out onto the keyboard while I was writing this.