Kasabian Banging Out The Tunes To Brixton

This latest release by one of the hottest UK bands around at the moment is a 'Digital Download', from the usual retail sites, and trust me you will not be disappointed by the album. Recorded at the Brixton Academy on December 16th 2004, it was their last show of 2004 and also happened to be Serge Pizzorno's birthday. This has been released to get us ready for what is a busy summer of festival appearances for Kasabian.

I recently saw Kasabian on their tour at the Manchester Apollo, and thought that they were fantastic- an even better live band than recorded. And this album hasn't changed my mind one iota. They are fantastic live and this album is testament to that.

There are so many brilliant tracks on this live recording, it is unbelievable. The vocals are brilliant and crisp, the guitars and keyboards complement each other and the sound of an excellent but not overpowering drum beat. And for a live album the vocals, as well as being crisp, happen to be in key also, which these days can be a rarity.

This album is definitely for fans of Kasabian and it is certainly worth the time taken to download it, as you will not regret one single moment of the album. Every time I have listened to the album I have had every good intention to keep the sound at a reasonable level, but then bang it up to 11 and relive their gig in April.