Meet Me in St Louis EP

The idea of St Louis does not immediately conjure the image of a hardcore indie band. The home of rapper Nelly and a city drenched in blues and jazz history, it seems bizarre that an indie band would associate themselves with this city, let alone the fact that they share the same name as a Judy Garland musical! However, Meet Me In St Louis are not like other indie bands and that is obvious from their debut three tracks.

The claim by the band that they play "schizophrenic indie" clearly sums up what they are about. Raw, hard hitting and energetic, this is a band which stands for originality. At times all three tracks sound disjointed, making you question if they have actually started a new song but strangely this is appealing. With angst ridden, heart rendering vocals and energetic drumming coupled with pumping guitars, there is an implication that these songs would be better appreciated live. 'I am Champagne and you are Shit' provides a solid introduction to the band but arguably the vocals do detract from what is great music. Ultimately, it is their track, 'Corey Feldman' which stands out. Whether this title is a tongue in cheek mockery of The Thrills 'Corey Haim' song about a fellow 80s brat pack star is unclear. 'Corey Feldman' seems to have a purpose which is lacking slightly in the other two tracks. The vocals are stronger and the anger which is projected throughout 'I am Champagne and you are Shit' is toned down, allowing you to appreciate what the band can actually achieve which is simply pure raw rock.

Meet Me in St Louis have a lot to offer. As is to be expected with a first EP, these three songs are only a basic indication of what the band can accomplish but there is a huge amount of potential demonstrated and a clear suggestion that the band have the ability to progress. With a six track EP released in December, 2006 is set to be an interesting year if these tracks are anything to go by.