Tara Loves Degrees

Tara Blaise releases her latest single "The Three Degrees" on August 29th, and it is easy to see why this young lady is causing a stir in the music industry. After the successful launch of her debut album in July, (reviewed by Roomthirteen), she is the darling of the enlightened playlists in the same way that KT Tunstall is.

"The Three Degrees" is a song about that famous band that Prince Charles liked so much in the late 70s and early 80s. This is a wonderfully melodic song, beautifully written and orchestrated, that has been remixed for the single so that you get something slightly different for the single.

The music is very light and airy, something that you can sit back and listen to and enjoy. This song should be a chart hit, and will help you remember all those sunny days of summer. This is something that pop is not it is fresh, new and clean.