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I had to pinch myself when I heard the opening chords of 'Roadstar', it reminded me of Quo and how they open with guitars. 'Roadstar' is unashamedly a throw back to 70's rock. A British band going back to rock's 70's roots, drawing from the influences of Zeppelin and AC/DC amongst others.

'Last Survivor' is the sort of rock anthem you can imagine being played on an American TV film as the good guys drive around in their open top car. Great guitar sounds, great rock beat, very glam rock. This is a great song for those that do not like heavy rock as a rule.

'Crown of Thorns' opens with an acoustic guitar sound before crashing in to a heavier rock sound that should only be played loudly. Just hope you have understanding neighbours! There are plenty of good drums in this with the acoustic guitar holding the track together.

'Big Rock Show' opens with the sort of heavy guitar opening more known to Iron Maiden and AC/DC. They certainly hope to be in a 'Big Rock Show' of their own shortly and I am sure this will feature heavily. There is a fantastic guitar solo on this track always good for the air guitar championships!

Robin (Kreepy) Hirshfield leads brilliantly on 'Killer', a good old fashioned lead guitarist at his best. Robin sounds like he has been doing this for years, he is very polished on the guitar. With Richie Hevanz on lead vocals this is one hell of a rock tune.

Go out and get this EP, it is good old fashioned British Rock at it's best!