Anthem of the Couch Potato

At a time when it seems that every other band is trying to imitate Franz Ferdinand in the hope of becoming the next so called art rockers, The Kooks have taken a slightly different musical path and one that appears to work well for them.

Although the main components for an Indie hit are all there, 'Sofa Song' also possesses rawness and a rough edge which allows the song to, in parts, resemble the early work of The Strokes. There is a feeling projected through the song which suggests that this is a group who can be sentimental and whimsical but who also comprise an adequate amount of power to fully rock when the opportunity arises. At times the song does effectively drop to a slower tempo but The Kooks are then able to adjust this and liven everything up once more. To this extent, 'Sofa Song' truly displays the qualities of indie rock at its purest. The band appears to know what best suits them - they are not rugged enough to rival The Strokes and yet they are not in the same vein as The Killers and Louis XIV. What they succeed to do in 'Sofa Song' is to mix in the rough with the smooth. There is undoubtedly something comforting about the group and indeed the track as it displays the Britpop influences as well as the groups own originality.

So, sit back and allow your feet to tap along to the track as you relax in the knowledge that you have discovered something which is reassuringly great.