An Open Book

With a single titled F.K.O (Fuck Kelly Osbourne) you wonder what kind of turnout this single will have. With Subtle's extensive musical background and impressive collection of electronic equipment and producing skills, first hearing about this band shows them as an open book.

What they have come up with is a song that takes you on a journey through a mystical world of individual guitars, strange orchestral sounds and a voice lighter than cloud. The words produced are poetic and thoughtful. The title is an odd choice as once within the song the lyrics are so delicately pieced together that you wonder if this is really "poetry over beats". The two remixes by B Fleischmann and Console bring the song into to wholly different lights; one carrying on the laid back melodies, the other encouraging the more up beat side of what this track could accomplish. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a song coming out with all guns blazing, I'm afraid this is not it - it's more of a favourite for fans of chilled trance.