What's the 'buzz' about?

Call Me Lightning are a self-proclaimed ‘paranoia’ band who have been waiting in the shadows of the Milwaukee punk scene ready to spring their sound upon the world. Their debut album, ‘The Trouble We’re In’, kicks off with ‘We Be Dragons’ a collision of spazzy guitars and speed punk topped with scratchy yet clean cut vocals which almost blend into the raucous riffs. ‘Ghosts in the Mirror’ opens with a dominating bass line which leads into funky guitars to make you bop and sway. Vocalist Nathan hits some impressive Scissor Sister-esque notes, which add to the spooky melodies of the words of ‘ghost lives in the mirror.’

‘Asses to Ashes’ is a spiky piece of music which retains that essential classy feeling. However it is slightly lacking in musical distinction between verse and chorus to complete the effect. This is made up somewhat, by the relentless vocals. ‘Pizza Party’ picks up a pounding beat from the drum and bass as Nathan warbles for all he’s worth. The guitar kicks in for the chorus and I frankly love the finished product. The imbalance between the precise music and the spontaneous vocals make what would be an otherwise good song, fantastic. ‘Hungry Lions’ has a distinct mysterious sound and ideally would pick up from there, yet the song keeps the same tempo and mood and wears a little thin by the time it comes to a close. Its saving grace is the screeches of ‘shazam!’ to be heard throughout.

‘Golden Radical (Young Professional)’ sounds similar to the previous track, possessing a similar, constant, solid beat and still, in my opinion, requires that extra burst of energy to make it take flight. ‘Thoula’ is more like it. Opening with a gut-wrenching scream and a clamor of fast paced guitars it retains its oomph and will relieve anyone with a need for speed. ‘Horseflies’ may not sound the most attractive of track titles, but it opens with a perfect, deep bass line accompanied by quivering guitar spasms. A flawlessly timed break releases the clear amount of talent the band posses. With ‘Rotten River’ the band follow suit in the naming department, yet the song has a more emotional opening sound with lyrics such as “sweetness, I gave up too” radiate the personal depths of the song.

‘Be the Lightning’ wraps up the album with a crescendo wail into a masterful, jumpy song. Well placed changes in tempo and hue means the song finishes with a truly rock and roll play out to end on a high.