King Biscuit Time

The alter ego of ex-Beta Band lead singer, Steve Mason, King Biscuit Time continues with the same notion that they band left off with - expect the unexpected. 'C I AM 15' is a song which manages to encompass all music genres within its three minute running time. Not content with releasing a simple pop/rock track, King Biscuit Time has engineered a song in which every style imaginable appears. In fact, play along with the track and try to work out how many styles you can recognise - it's a game for all the family to play!

'C I AM 15' seems at first to be an obscure and strange debut single to release. The title reveals little about the actual song but for many it will hold a pleasant surprise as it truly is a hidden gem. Constantly up tempo, with mesmerizing vocals, this is a track that moves at a thunderous pace, culminating in a superb rap at the end reminiscent of The Specials. The ending does need listening to a couple of times to appreciate it fully as it deals with current politics, instantly attacking the Blair and Bush regimes. With such high profile topics as this addressed, 'C I AM 15' is bound to gain attention in both the music world and the public domain. With a video that was apparently filmed in a disused nuclear bunker, King Biscuit Time look set to create much controversy with the first single. Politics and controversy aside though, this is a single which is bound to rock the music world, if only for the fact that people will not be able to place it neatly into one category. Ultimately it has to be heard to be believed, but if debut singles are anything to go by then Mason's solo career looks to be heading on the right road.